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A verse sung by Beasley says he has a "clip filled to the tippy top wit some cop killas," and boasts that "like Poplawski I'm strapped naste." Knox's lawyers argued that he did not post it online himself nor did he intend for it to be published. The video was taken down from YouTube after three days. The two officers identified in the song were provided with additional security protections. Knox's lawyers argued to Superior Court that the question of whether the song is protected free speech or a criminal threat "could hardly be of more substantial importance; it is perhaps the most salient issue of our time." They said Knox's objective in creating the song, which they described as "political hyperbole-laced," was not to intimidate the police officers. Rather, they said, he was trying to engage in therapy for anger management, to express political speech in protest of social injustice, to spread news to the community and to advance his artistic career. A judge convicted Knox, in relation to the video, of two counts of witness intimidation and two counts of terroristic threats. His sentence on all counts, including drug charges, was two to six years in prison. He was paroled from state prison last month. Prosecutors have dismissed the argument that Knox and Beasley were engaged in works along the lines of Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. "He does not ... cite to any works of Ms.

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An American Airlines airplane in a file photo.  REUTERS/Jim Young | Tue Jan 31, 2017 | 2:39am EST Cocaine found in nose cone of American Airlines jet: police An airline maintenance worker in Oklahoma found 31 pounds (14 kg) of cocaine in the nose cone of an American Airlines jet after it arrived from Colombia, police said on Monday. Seven bricks of the drug, with a street value of at least $200,000, were discovered on Sunday night at the carrier's maintenance base in Tulsa, the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post. "A technician went to check the electronics bay ... and some of the insulation looked new. He moved asos คือแบรนด์อะไร it and saw one of the bricks," the sheriff said. The flight, a Boeing 757, originated in Bogota, and landed in Miami. It was sent on to Tulsa for maintenance checks because the base in Miami was too busy, the sheriff said. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is investigating the incident, the sheriff said.