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He has repeatedly cast the 12-nation trade pact which was eagerly sought by U.S. allies in Asia as detrimental to American businesses. "Great thing for the American worker that we just did," Trump said in brief remarks as he signed a notice in the Oval Office. The Obama administration spent years negotiating the Pacific Rim pact, though the mood in Washington on trade soured over time. Obama never sent the accord to Congress for ratification, making Trump's actions Monday largely symbolic. For Trump, the start of his first full week in office amounted to a reset after a tumultuous weekend dominated by his and his spokesman's false statements about inauguration crowds and their vigorous complaints about media coverage of the celebrations. While Trump's advisers have long accepted his tendency to become preoccupied by seemingly insignificant issues, some privately conceded that his focus on inauguration crowds was unhelpful on the opening weekend of his presidency. On Monday, the new president tried to regroup. He spent the day bounding from one ornate room of the White House to another for meetings, often ordering aides to summon journalists from their West Wing workspace at a moment's notice for unscheduled statements and photo opportunities. In addition to his executive action on TPP, Trump signed memorandums freezing most federal government hiring though he noted an exception for the military and reinstating a ban on providing federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide information on the option.

This includes products designed to reduce pets' neck strain, improve digestion and maximize comfort and convenience while adding a sleek and stylish look to pet owners' homes. Fashionable pet carriers are in fashion: The importance of fashion and style cannot be overestimated since many pet owners seek out carriers that serve as a fashion accessory. Available in a vast range of materials, colors, styles, and patternswith trims ranging from fine leather and faux fur to rhinestones and silver findingspet carriers that look more like handbags also allow owners to sneak their pets into places that may not be dog-friendly. Accordingly, designer purse-type pet carriers, like those offered by Michael Kors and Chanel, are popular, with many manufacturers operating more like fashion designers As a result, many companies that started out with more basic models have been trending up to better compete with the growing ranks of marketers that focus exclusively on fashion-forward options. Pet collar marketers capitalize on the "maximum visibility = safety" formula: For most pet owners, safety is a given when it comes to collars, leashes and harnesses, but marketers of these products continue to find ways to make these products even safer for both pets and humans. Coastal Pet Products, for example, recently updated the design of its Lazer Brite collars for maximized reflectivity, making the collar visible at up to 600 feet. Pet feeders getting "Smarter": The recent proliferation of high-tech products in the feeding and watering category may leave some pet owners overwhelmed with the array of choices. "Smart" feeders and waterers allow pet owners to set feeding schedules, control portion sizes, and even customize feedings for multiple pets. As a result, pet owners' involvement in the feeding process is no longer tied to the bowl itself; in fact, with some of the new technology-based feeders, everything can be controlled remotely via a smart phone. Customers favor customization, personalization: Pet owners enjoy products they can adapt to their own specific needs, including those they can personalize via appearance or function.

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