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"There was a vote, right, and England won?" said one dog walker when I asked her about Britain and the European Union. In the business community, however, Brexit is a hot topic. Wall Street has a long-standing love affair with the Square Mile, and New York investors love the London tech community, and in particular its deep pool of (comparatively cheap) skilled labour. Might all the flames be doused by the Brexit vote, and the uncertainty over the nature of the UK's future relationship with Europe? Image copyright PA Image caption London Mayor Sadiq Khan is on a trade mission to North America 'London is open' Sadiq Khan, London's mayor, wants to keep the passion kindled. This week he is on a trade mission to North America, taking 30 tech companies with him to spread the word. "London is open" was the title of the flagship event, an extended sales pitch-cum-networking event on Manhattan's Lower East Side - a choice of name that begs the question whether London might not, at some stage, be as open. In the short term, however, it is business as usual. Adam Neumann, the Bransonesque founder of WeWork, the co-working space that hosted the Manhattan event, is opening two more sites in London, taking the total to 14.

Lyft co-founder John Zimmer said autonomous rides would eventually become a cheaper way to travel than owning your own car. His comments come as car companies around the world are stepping up their experiments with self-driving cars. Lyft has joined forces with GM while rival Uber has teamed up with Volvo . Dubbing it the " third transport revolution ", Mr Zimmer lays out three phases for future of driverless vehicles in the taxi and ride-sharing industry: In the first phase in two years' time, self-driving rides will be available to Lyft users but only along fixed routes with the software specifically geared towards those routes. For the next stage, he predicts cars will navigate any route but only at a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour. The third stage, which he says will kick in by about 2021, will see completely autonomous Lyft rides. No more private cars Once that final phase has begun, Mr Zimmer expects a sharp decline in private car ownership - at least in major US cities. In January this year, Lyft struck a deal with US car company General Motors (GM) to develop a fleet of driverless vehicles and is testing these in San Francisco and Phoenix. Image copyright Uber Image caption Uber began using Ford Fusion cars to test its self-driving technologies in Pittsburgh earlier this year Main ride-hailing competitor Uber, which is working with car maker Volvo, started a trial with self-driving cars in Pittsburgh in August, albeit still with a backup driver who can take control should technology fail. In Singapore, start-up nuTonomy launched a trial of autonomous taxis within a small area of town and on set routes only.